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Bloom headpiece - OOIH0005

Bloom headpiece - OOIH0005

$ 894.00 HKD

Design with the distinctive geometry, designer revisits the floral accessorizing aesthetics. This floral series has included the necklace, ear ring and ring, praising the gracefulness of flower in full bloom.

Material: Alloy
Dimension: 24.1 (L) x 18.2 (W) cm
Weight: 44g

Customization: Add veil for HKD 50 per piece (French Lace)


“I’d rather wear flowers in my head than diamonds on my neck”

Every aspect of the flower blooming silhouette is perfectly captured and dramatically transformed into this timeless wearable art. Structured with the plated metal, this bouquet collection is a modernly twisted rendition on retro allure. There are 3 styles among the floral series including ‘FRANCESCA’, ‘BLOOM’ and ‘DIVINE’.