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Angela Ooi, Out of Interest brand founder, as Malaysian Portuguese, born and raised in Hong Kong.

Angela’s interest in fashion started at her early age. She obtained her BA Fashion design degree in womenswear at Central St Martins in London . She worked as an assistant designer in Philip Treacy before  she further gained her MA in fashion design in Amsterdam. 

Her enthusiasium & curiorisity in fashion continuously thrives for her worldwide exposure. She was announced as the first runner up in the International Talent Support ITS fashion competition in Italy. LVMH talent scout discovered and appointed her as the fashion designer for Antonio Marras, the prestigious Creative Director at Kenzo. In 2007, she moved to Italy and focused on LABORATORIO, which is the true secret room of creativity to experiment her drapery & embroidery ideas. Later on, she brought her drapery vision to Ports 1961, creating the Red Carpet collection that was worn by numerous international celebrity included Olivia Palermo from New York & Feng Bing Bing from China. In 2011, she became the Chief Designer for the in-house label at I.T, a multinational fashion goods company.