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Chapter Nº1

Out of Interest is delighted to debut its Fashion Accessory Collection this Winter with an array of edgy and chic metallic headpieces as a romantic prelude. This creation is inspired from the symbolic illustrations in 1950s and the photos of New York photographer Francesca Woodman, the talented New York photographer who is famous in experimenting women’s body with spaces, often in the photos included codes like lips, flowers, flowers on nude that symbolize femininity which showed a rebellious attitude yet also captured the beauty of women.

For the 1st chapter of Out of Interest, its prescribed does of effortless sophistication - sexy Lips, soft hands, adoring bouquet, luring heels are transformed into various series of wearable accessories that can be carried everyday, which matches friendly with your own pieces and radiates your fashion statement. With an innovative mind behind each design, designer infuses her aesthetics and functionality to the gorgeous headpieces; they are cleverly designed for styling in different ways.